What we do

Buddhi Retreats offers you an all-inclusive yoga and surf retreat where mindfulness is the central aspect. You will get the time and place to step away from your day-to-day life. With support of a personal coach you can focus on who you are and how you act. Yoga and surf are the central activities that will help you find both awareness and relaxation. Submerge yourself in the breathtaking nature that surrounds our Costa Rican retreat locations to calm down completely. Join us at Buddhi Retreats and we will give you an unforgettable and life changing week.


To us surfing means pure fun and excitement! Being in the ocean surrounded by untouched nature has a calming effect on body and mind. Under the professional guidance of Jord you will discover the beauty of the ocean. The humbling physical and mental experience creates an opening to have a close look at yourself. In 4(beginner friendly) surf classes you will experience what surfing really is about. If you have the energy there will be plenty of time to practice more by yourself! The waves is right out front of our jungle hide-away what makes it very appealing to get out there.


By practicing yoga you will become aware of your breath, body and mind. Slow down, become still and reconnect with the moment. During the retreat we offer a daily active ánd a slower practice with an optional guided meditation, all only a footstep from your cabina in the lush garden of Rancho Burica.


Being mindful means being aware of your life. By being more aware of your life you become more concious of yourself, who you are, how you feel, how you act. Just by becoming still and by observing without judging. Pay attention to those things that normally go by unnoticed and become aware of your acts and thoughts: Taste your cup of coffee in the morning, flow in a yoga practice, smile when you wake up from bird whistles, connect with nature by surfing and walks through untouched jungle. Every moment is a moment to life fully aware. It calms the mind, creates rest and opens up your hart. It will teach you about yourself and creates space to fully enjoy all the beauty in this life!

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The Retreat

Buddhi Retreats at Rancho Burica, Costa Rica
We like to work with small groups of 12 people max. So be quick and don’t miss out!

Dates: June 21 – June 28


Early birds discount of 100 $ (If you book before the end of March)

$1265 pp when staying in a wonderful room
$1415 pp when staying in a super wonderful room


Rancho Burica is located right on the beach at the end of the road in Punta Banco next to the famous surf spot Pavones. It is a perfect jungle hideaway in Southern Costa Rica. Nestled between the rainforest and the Pacific, Rancho Burica offers hospitality, peace, quietness and beautiful natural surroundings.

So what’s included?


• Transport from and to Golfito airport
• Accommodation shared with max 2-3 persons (private rooms available upon request)
• Three healthy meals a day prepared with locally grown products (vegetarian optional)
• Drinks & (healthy) snacks


This week is all about taking time for yourself. So joining the activities below is always your own choice. Do you feel like exploring on your own for a bit? We know the area very well. Just ask us for advice and go discover our beautiful surroundings.

• Four surf & ‘connect with nature’ sessions: we have the perfect spot for both beginners and advanced surfers right in our backyard!
• Fourteen yoga sessions (1h15m): half yin (mellow practice, meditation optional), half ashtanga (active practice)
• Mindfulness in practice: includes personal coaching, silent meals, silent walks and more
• Hiking (2h30m): over the beach and into the jungle hills

Optional activities:

• Horseback ride through the indiginous reserve ($45)
• Hour-long full body massage ($45)
• Reef-fishing with a local fisherman ($10)
• Bike ride to world famous surfbreak Pavones ($7)

"take some time for yourself"

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Who we are

We met in Costa Rica and there we inspired each other. Since we are connected we have been growing, individually and together in a way we could have only dreamed about. Bringing together our professions, talents and passions allows us to grow and to inspire people around us. We motivate ourselves and others to learn by being and observing every day again, to stay connected with our body and nature and so live a joyful life without to much fear, stress or worries. Buddhi Retreats is a result of our enthusiasm for life itself and it creates the possibility to share that enthusiasm!


Yvonne Poels is a young and fresh lady with a passion for people; the human body and affectivity. Already for six years she runs her own Physiotherapy practice. 3 years ago she decided to follow here heart and made the choice to start a study next to her work, Haptonomy.
This study learns her to observe and explore human behavior in social interactions and affective relationships. Besides her work and study Yvonne gives Mindfulness courses and teaches Pilates. Her vision is; body and mind are one, become aware of who you are through your body.


Jord Fortmann is a energetic openminded man. Passionated surfer, traveller and a born teacher. A very easygoing person who is straight forward in a loving way. He taught a wide variety of outdoor sports and worked with people in challenging activities for years. Jord loves to bring himself in to calm you down and become aware of the situation you’re facing.

His vision is: Use outdoor sports to inspire and motivate a more conscious and mindful way of living.

The Yoga Teacher


Spiritual activist and enthusiastic adventurer and full of love, that's our yoga teacher Hanneke Megens. Her intuitive yin and yang yoga classes combine Eastern wisdom with ancient Indian yoga traditions. Hanneke takes you through soft and strong yoga poses, so you'll relax into your body and return to your authentic self.


"practice yoga and rise to the light of life"

  • Yvonne exudes peace and energy at the same time, something which I believe not many people are capable of.
    She taught me to live day by day.
    With her support, I have made big steps in accepting my life in just a couple of months.

    Pleunie Theeuwen
  • 10959830_10153068861084450_3391396543151800146_n

    “I surfed with Jord a bunch of times, he’s a very open and enthousiastic teacher. He challenged me in the right ways to reach my goals both in surfing and in live.”

    Stephanie Popping

Feel free to contact us for any question (or just to get in touch), we will reply within the same day!

"you can't stop the waves but you can learn to ride them"